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Commercial and Residential Projects

What is an As-Built Drawing: the resulting plans that comes from measuring  the existing conditions of a building. For instance, we measure the inside of a existing house or apartment, and then in AutoCad create its floor plans with dimensions and layout of the As-Built conditions. If such unit requires a retroactive permit, so the existing floor plans will be redesigned (proposed floor plans) in accordance with building and zoning codes. It may be stressful and overwhelming, but in our expertise we convert the complex in simple.

Additionally, there are several terms used when referring to As-Built drawings such as site survey, existing conditions drawings and measured drawings.
Our As-Built clients range from single-family residential homeowners, multi-site brands with thousands of locations across the country. Whether you are responding to a
Notice of Building Code Violation, renovating, remodeling, expanding, or have another use-case for your As-Built and proposed drawings, we are here to help

Expertise: with more than 25 years working in different trades in the construction industry enables us to anticipate and prepare future actions more efficiently. And being a California Licensed General Building Contractor means that we are far more likely to have the requisite knowledge to ensure that the work is up to code and properly performed, understanding the local laws and the basics of administering a contracting business.

Global Solutions would not just deliver drawings and that is it. Indeed, we work with our clients closely to make sure they have what they need.

We have a comprehensive service to fix the Building Code Violations for:
Detached, attached or internal Accessory Dwelling Units "ADUs", garage to living space conversions and any other home improvement addition without City Building Permit.

CAD drawings and REVIT 3D models. we develop 3D models for different structure types or customer needs.

As-Built Existing Conditions
Measured Drawings



No Matter How Big Your Project is 

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